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A letter from the President



Mark Shifrin is no longer with the company but we have not skipped a beat.

We are holding in person focus groups and unless the CDC directs us differently we are letting our clients dictate and leaving it up to the respondent if they want to mask or not. 

We pride ourselves in customer service.  We want you to enjoy being in our facility, and to make sure of that we serve complimentary hot fudge sundaes to our clients.

With the rental of our rooms, refreshments are included and so is stationary digital video taping. We can email the recording to you via a secure link. If a DVD is what you prefer we can do that too. We have video streaming capabilities for remote viewing or online groups/IDIs using your, our, or a third party's service.

When it comes to recruiting there are few that care as much as we do. We can recruit for online or in-person research and we leave no stone left unturned and will go to the ends of the earth to find who you are looking for.  We are ethical, honest, and transparent so if we can't find who you are looking for, we will tell you why, so we can work together to make your project a success.

The feedback we get from clients and respondents is wonderful.  Everyone enjoys being in our office and love the way they are pampered. Our goal is that everyone walks out smiling.

Hope to see you in the D soon!!

Stay safe, Arlene

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